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Published : 02/15/2019 10:03:16
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There is a new generation of dermocosmetics that combine some active ingredients to the classic ingredients, such as hyaluronic acid in various isoforms, carnosine, maqui, amla, hydroxytyrosol and other effective fundamental polyphenols that inspire anti-aging science.
These are innovative active ingredients already used to create nutraceuticals characterized by excellent antioxidant capabilities and marked "hormetic" activities, able to stimulate, through "beneficial stress", those healthy reactions that our body can generate in a completely natural way.
Thanks to the scientifically proven effects of these substances, an effective rehydrating and anti-wrinkle action has been verified on the skin of the face and body.
The innovative formulation of creams and serums based on polyphenols with an hormetic action and other "hormetins" such as carnosine, together with other substances already scientifically tested, stimulates the metabolism and regeneration of the skin, revitalizing the vital functions of the skin cells and giving it tonicity, brightness and elasticity through a natural and effective anti-aging action.

Active anti-aging ingredients
Maqui (concentrated lyophilized extract) Hydroxytyrosol (10% extract of olive leaves) and Amla (Phyllantus Emblica, renowned in Ayurvedic medicine) are polyphenols with very high antioxidant power, of proven effectiveness in stimulating fibroblasts, fighting radicals free and inflammation, protect against photoaging and the damage of physical and chemical agents, for a complete anti-aging action. Their action of stimulation of the cutaneous hormetic processes, in response to the minimal and beneficial stress induced by these polyphenols, induces the skin cells to a detoxifying and regenerating metabolism. The Maqui, very rich in anthocyanins, also has strong capillary-protective properties.

Carnosine is a dipeptide with known basifying, antioxidant and above all anti-glycation properties, therefore able to preserve the endogenous cutaneous proteins (collagen and elastin in the first place), against the degeneration of the skin and the connective operated by excess carbohydrates. It also has a stimulating action on fibroblasts and as an "hormethine" itself, therefore it represents an innovative active ingredient, extremely complete and interesting for skin rejuvenation.

Teprenone is an active ingredient extremely recently appreciated, derived from Coenzyme Q10, but, being much smaller in size, it manages to penetrate properly through the epidermis, so as to act against the accumulation of free radicals in the skin.
Vitamin C in 3 isoforms (ascorbyl palmitate, ascorbyl tetraisopalmitate, ascorbic acid) has a significant antioxidant and scavenger effect for free radicals, as well as capillaroprotective, in both hydro and liposoluble form.
EDTA disodium is able to chelate or bind, remove pigmenting and inflammatory toxins of the skin, and is therefore particularly useful in assisting the removal of skin spots.
Shea Butter of superior quality, and Fishing Oil with nourishing, emollient and skin repairing properties.
Polidocanol has a soothing effect of pain.
Vitamin E or tocopherol has an antioxidant and skin protection action, especially for mature skin with wrinkles, as well as capillaroprotective action.
The 8% zinc oxide has protective power against the sun against skin irritation and inflammation, dystrophies and skin reddening, but also antiseptic. Nourishes the skin and reduces the secretion of sebum.
Goji berry extract has antioxidant properties and favors skin protection and elasticity.
Peach pit oil has eudermic properties, for skin protection, even when particularly delicate.
The Sunscreens are used to allow a possible use of the cream during the day and increase the protection against photoaging.
Biotechnological peptides or synthetic peptides that mimic the muscle relaxant action (relax the muscles) of the viper's venom (Tropidolaemus Wagleri), with a beneficial effect on wrinkles and stimulate the production of substances useful for the skin tone.
Hyaluronic acid in its 5 isoforms has an optimal moisturizing action: sodium hyaluronate with a reduced molecular weight (to encourage penetration) and three orders of magnitude, in order to optimize its action at different skin levels, sodium hyaluronate cross- linked (or crosslinked) to prolong its persistence and pure hyaluronic acid.
The Phytosqualane from "Olea Europea" and the lipophilic extract of Hypericum have repairing properties.
The extract of Damask Rose and Gallic Rose has "anti-pollution" power.
Iridescent illuminating pearls give a luminous and younger-looking skin.
The extract of Anemarrhena Asphelloides has a plumping effect therefore beneficial for wrinkles.
Peony water, the infusion of the petals, is traditionally used as a soothing agent for skin redness.
Pentylene Glycol promotes the absorption of active ingredients and extends the storage time of the multi-component serum.
Edelweiss Plant Stem Cells preserve the components of the dermis against the natural degradation of its components.
Buddleja Plant Stem Cells protect the components of the dermis from stress induced by free radicals, from UV rays while performing a soothing action.
Vegetal Stem Cells of Horehound activate the natural detoxification system of the skin.
Gardenia Stem Cells interact positively with the metabolism of skin proteins.
Proeon's dermo-repair philosophy
Ultimately, Proeon has decided to create dermocosmetics which, together with high-quality substances and known beneficial properties on the skin, contain extremely innovative active ingredients for the world of aesthetics, the latter based on the principle of hormesis. Thus, very effective polyphenols stimulate a skin reaction such as to provoke a natural reactive process which results in the typical actions of these skin products: moisturizing, detoxifying, repairing, toning and soothing inflammatory processes.
The combination of scientifically proven innovations, with the tradition of the best blends of Italian production, has led to a new generation of dermocosmetics that will not cease to amaze since their first use.
Finally, the search for maximum purity of the products has led to the exclusion of any harmful additives, such as parabens, petrolatum, triclosan, perfume allergens (at the dose).
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