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Nutricional supplement made from Curcuma Longa, antioxidant, help in inflammation and adjuvant liver and gastrointestinal functions.

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>Active Ingredient

Procurcuma is a unique supplement for composition, dose and quality:

·          High dosage (700 mg of dry extract from rhizome)

·         600 mg titrated at least 95% in curcuminoids.

·         Presence of the three fractions of active curcuminoids in certified percentages and high dosages.

  • Increased bioavailability thanks to the association with piperine.
  • Acid-resistant and prolonged-release tablets (with external film).

Curcumin is an active ingredient of plant origin, extracted from rhizome (root surface) of turmeric.
The major physiological effects of turmeric are: antioxidant, it aids in inflammatory processes in general, it aids in liver and gastrointestinal functions, against menstrual disorders.

Procurcuma® is particularly indicated for:

  • inflammatory processes in general, avoiding side effects proper of NSAIDs and corticosteroids;
  • assisting liver and gastrointestinal functions;
  • menstrual disorders;
  • oxidative stress, against free radicals.

Procurcuma® supplement tablets are packaged in blisters. One pack contains 45 acid-resistant tablets with prolonged-release formula.

PROCURCUMA® DOES NOT contain gluten or sweeteners, it is GMO FREE and Vegan OK.


Procurcuma® contains Curcuma (Turmeric Curcuma longa L.) rhizome dry extract titrated at least 95% in total curcuminoids, of which Curcumin (75% -81%), demethoxy-Curcumin (15% -19%), bis-methoxy Curcumin (2.5% - 6.5%), on corn maltodextrins; pregelatinized corn starch; black pepper (Piper nigrum L.) fruit dry extract titrated to 95% in piperine; anti-agglomerating agents: silicon dioxide, magnesium salts of fatty acids; glazing agents: hydroxypropylmethylcellulose, talc, glycerol, coating agents: shellac, acetic esters of mono and diglycerides of fatty acids, polyvinylpyrrolidone.

The Curcuminoids in 600 mg of Curcuma Longa extract per tablet are so divided

(according to certificate):

Total Curcuminoids: 581 mg (96,85%)

Curcumin 458 mg (76,25%)

Demethoxy-Curcumin 101 mg (16,88%)

Bisdemethoxy-Curcumin 22 mg (3,72%)

Procurcuma® tablet also contains 1.9 mg of Piperine, as a dry extract of Piper Nigrum in order to improve intestinal absorption of the active ingredients. The special external film of Procurcuma tablet finally makes it acid resistant and prolonged release, thus increasing the final bioavailability.

1 tablet of Procurcuma (turmeric based supplement) once - twice a day during meals possibly.

The product should be used with a balanced diet and healthy lifestyle. Do not exceed stated dose. Keep out of reach of children under 3 years of age. This information does not replace medical advice.
Store in cool, dry place away from light and heat sources.

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Questo prodotto è veramente un potente antinfiammatorio, visto che già dai primi giorni di assunzione non mi sono più svegliata con il viso, le mani ed i piedi gonfi. Le compresse acido-resistenti a rilascio prolungato mi hanno aiutato tanto perché non ho provato fastidio allo stomaco.

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Grazie a questo kit sono stata in grado di aumentare le difese immunitarie con l’arrivo dell’inverno. La pelle si è mantenuta idratata e luminosa per tutto il periodo. In più non ho provato fastidio alle articolazioni, come spesso mi accadeva. Ho ricevuto anche l’energia necessaria per svolgere le mie attività.

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Ottimo prodotto

2 of 2 people found the following review helpful
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Ottimo prodotto!!!

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