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Nutritional supplements

​Proeon® offers a range of high-dose natural nutritional supplements of: maqui, hyaluronic acid, carnosine, amla, hydroxytyrosol, turmeric, melatonin and other active ingredients useful for the well-being.

Nutritional supplement packs

Beauty, Health and Wellness, Sport and Anti-aging, discover all our nutritional supplements in ready-made kits based on the area of action!

Skin Cosmetics

Proeon has enriched the range of its products with a new generation of dermocosmetics that combine the classic ingredients with some active ingredients, such as hyaluronic acid in various isoforms, carnosine, maqui, amla, hydroxytyrosol and other effective inspiring polyphenols fundamental principles of the Proeon philosophy in the field of anti-aging science.

About us

Proeon Feed Your Life® is an Italian company qualified for the commercialization of nutraceutical products designed for an optimal balance of health, wellness and vitality. 

Formulas of Proeon® nutraceuticals, with high concentration of natural ingredients, are based on a constant research and scientific studies, conducted both on the basis of the most qualified international literature and through the collaboration of doctors, biologists and experts in nutrition and phytotherapy.

Proeon® makes use of partnerships with specialized companies in the sector in order to achieve excellent quality standards, meet the demands of the market and the parties increasingly interested in the world of natural complementary medicine, by offering them effective and safe products.

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