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About us​

PROEON Feed Your Life® is an Italian company devoted to the commercialization of nutraceuticals conceived for an optimal balance of wellness and vitality.

Formulas of Proeon® nutraceuticals, with high concentration of natural ingredients, are based on the most qualified international literature and on a fruitful collaboration with medical doctors, biologists, experts in nutrition and in phytotherapy.

Proeon® set partnerships with specialized companies in order to achieve excellent quality standards and meet the demands of food supplements the market demands. Our effective and safe products are addressed to the needs of the subjects who are increasingly interested in the world of natural complementary medicine.


“More years to your life and more life to your years” is not just a company motto, but the essence of the brand Proeon®: nourishing life to promote a healthier way of life. Achieving personal psycho-physical balance, which is often hampered by multiple external and internal factors to the body, is the primary purpose of Proeon® activity.

Proeon® natural nutraceuticals are antioxidants, regulators of metabolism, unique and effective, made with certified technology. Targeting anti-aging mechanisms, our nutraceuticals aim also to the improvement of aesthetic imperfectionsand to the optimization of sport performances.

Proeon® also aims to promote scientific and popular culture useful to professionals involved in-health, aesthetics, sports and to all patients and experts in food supplements.


Proeon Feed Your Life® believes in the values of responsibility and respect for the laws which regulate the nutraceutical industry.
Proeon® supplements meet safety standards established by E.U. Directive as well as all the Italian standards concerning the preparation of nutraceutical products.

Proeon® chooses the most technologically qualified manufacturers, which operate according to the latest GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice), HACCP European standards (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points) and GACP (Good Agricultural and Collection Practices).
All Proeon® supplements are also OMG free and fit to vegans, as well as most products are gluten free.

In order to build a transparent relationship with its customers, Proeon® is engaged in an ongoing verification of the correct and clear information provided. Any action taken by the company is based on the respect for people and the environment, as well as on the compliance with the principles of ethics and fairness.

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