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Skin Cosmetics

Proeon has enriched the range of its products with a new generation of dermocosmetics that combine the classic ingredients with some active ingredients, such as hyaluronic acid in various isoforms, carnosine, maqui, amla, hydroxytyrosol and other effective inspiring polyphenols fundamental principles of the Proeon philosophy in the field of anti-aging science.

These are innovative active ingredients already used to create our precious nutraceuticals and characterized by exceptional antioxidant capabilities and marked “ormetic” activities, able to stimulate, through “beneficial stress”, those healthy reactions that our body can generate in completely natural way.

Thanks to the scientifically proven effects of these substances, you can check on your skin (it is appropriate to say it!) an effective rehydrating and anti-wrinkle action.

The innovative formulation of Proeon dermocosmetics (creams and serums) based on polyphenols and ormetins, together with other scientifically tested substances, will stimulate the metabolism and the regeneration of the skin, revitalizing the vital functions of the skin cells and giving them tone, brightness and elasticity through a natural and effective anti-aging action.

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