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Melateon 50 ml


The 50 ml Melateon format gives the certainty of always having the product available in case of need and, moreover, it is advantageous because it allows you to save money compared to other formats.

Melateon is a melatonin-based product that is really useful for keeping stress under control: a valid ally for regulating the sleep-wake rhythm as well as for the effectiveness of the immune system. This dietary supplement is available in a dropper bottle, to adjust the dosage according to medical needs and prescriptions. The 30 ml format ensures more than two months of administration, but the 50 ml format is even more convenient, which not only extends the administration up to almost 4 months, but above all offers considerable savings from an economic point of view.

It is important to rely on Melateon to keep chronic stress away, a condition which - as is known - can be very harmful to human well-being and be a source of significant imbalances.

Melatonin is a hormone that the human body produces naturally at night, when it is synthesized by the pineal gland. Melatonin is especially important after the age of 30, when the production of this hormone by the human body gradually decreases: this is why it is necessary to supplement it with Melateon. In fact, to provide help to our body, the drops of Melateon offer the ideal solution: they prove to be essential for counteracting oxidative stress, for regulating the immune system and, moreover, they help athletes not to suffer from overtraining.

The bioavailability, moreover, is even greater in the case in which a sublingual administration is used. With the help of melatonin, you sleep more and better, for a healthier life.


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